Yvonne Betts

Launched in 2016, Flutter Gallery is a nature-themed arts and fine craft brand based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Often seen at major art markets and wholesale trade shows, Flutter Gallery showcases original art collages, specialty greeting cards and hand-crafted gifts designed by Yvonne Betts.



I caught a creative spark when I studied Art History and Jewelry/Metalsmithing in college. I used that study and training to begin butterfly photography and started creating unique 3D designs incorporating the photos I take of my extensive butterfly specimen collection. Realizing the powerful symbolism people of all ages associate with the butterfly, I decided to showcase the beauty of these majestic creatures as the main inspiration for my current body of work.

I prefer to use photo-realistic, whimsical and hand-crafted versions of butterflies, rather than real specimens, because I am sensitive to potentially contributing to further endangering the species and taking them from their natural habitats.

My 2020 portfolio includes stylized butterfly art collages on seed paper, specialty greeting cards and my NEW! glow-in-the-dark butterfly magnets and clips!

I am honored my hand-crafted, unique designs are available in hundreds of specialty shops and retailers nationwide, including: Art Museum Shops, Botanic Gardens, Butterfly Habitats, Children's Museums, Gift Boutiques, Science Centers, State Parks, Toy Stores and Zoos!