Yvonne Betts
Flutter Gallery is a nature and butterfly-themed creative arts brand based in Las Vegas. Often seen at major art markets and wholesale trade shows, Flutter Gallery showcases original art, specialty greeting cards and unique hand-crafted gifts designed exclusively by Yvonne Betts.
Artist Statement:  I caught a creative spark way back when I studied Art History in college. My minor in sculpture as a jeweler and metalsmith gave me the training to make my designs a reality. Since then, I’ve been a dedicated maker of jewelry and 3D art. For birthdays or special occasions, my first option is to create a custom piece of jewelry or unique art collage with little details that show the person I care about them. I was encouraged by friends and family to start selling my work and launched Flutter Gallery in 2016.

I decided to focus primarily on butterfly imagery because I found so much inspiration from my extensive specimen collection. From the exotic and rare New Guinea varieties to the iridescent Morphos of the Amazon - all have helped shape my recent collage work and my best selling art cards. 

I have loved these majestic creatures for as long as I can remember. Like many people, I associate the butterfly with love, happiness, beauty, transformation and new beginnings. I especially enjoy when customers take the time to share their own amazing experiences and memories relating to butterflies and their powerful symbolism. I realize I am not alone in my profound admiration of them.

One of my favorite specimens: African Xypete forester has gorgeous magenta and gold wings.